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What is carbongauge

Accelerating asset planning with automation.

CarbonGauge uses proprietary tools to quickly analyze upstream assets and help make investment decisions. This shortened timeframe allows dynamic information such as market movements and production data to be considered prior to investment. CarbonGauge enriches conventional asset analysis with geographic data increasing economic value and reducing execution risk.

Unlock value through the E&P stages:

Asset Acquisition

Use CarbonGauge tools to quickly and thoroughly analyze new acreage. No other tool will give you a more consolidated view on the asset's true potential before finalizing transaction.

Field Development Planning

Mitigate core operational risk and improve overall plan resilence with fast scenario planning. Reduce well planning cycle. Make faster/smarter decisions by leveraging increased visibility and collaboration. Analyze well spacing options, surface constraints, and efficient infrastrcuture placement simultaneously to optimize your FDP and get more value out of your exisitng portfolio.

Regulatory and Enviromental

Well permit acceleration through automation. Generate required data for your most common permits on the fly. Increase visibility of regulatory rules and mitigate enviromental impacts by geofencing your collaborative enviroment. Ensure quick and effective communication with your field personnel.


Monitor performance against FDP. Help indentify problems by assesssing how last minute changes can affect the overall plan. Streamline facilities construction plans. Estimate subsurface communication risks on your execution schedule.

What We Do

We seek to increase the value of our client's assets while giving them a better understanding of development risks.


Surface Feasibility

Well spacing, pad placement, corridors, infrastructure, etc. all are impacted by surface locations. CarbonGauge checks Surface Feasibility for your development plans quickly and efficiently.


Rapid FDP

CarbonGauge takes your parameters and places wells to fit most optimally. Strategic decisions can be made based on economic and/or technical considerations simultaneously.


Lease Ranking

Rank leases within your acreage based on economic considerations. Make decisions on what to unitize, if adjacent acreage is attractive, and where best to begin the capital program.

Constraint Optimization

Give CarbonGauge constraints for resources (e.g. rig counts, area of interest start/finish, zipper fracs, multi-well pads, etc.) and the plan can be optimized for economic performance of the development plan.


Permit Automation

CarbonGauge allows users to automatically create critical permit information within the toolset. E.g. APD, C102, etc. Forms are pulled together based on data used to create the plan that will be executed.

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